CBG in another big cannabinoid which is gaining attention and is being researched for its various benefits. This is another non-psychoactive compound which is found in small concentrations in a cannabis plant. However, various studies have been done that show a variety of positive effects.

Benefits and Effects of Cannabigerol:

  • CBN is considered as a powerful pain reliever.
  • It is a very potent compound when it comes to aiding sleep. CBN is a sedative compound and may give you drowsy effects thus inducing a good sleep.
  • CBN is also beneficial in boosting your appetite.
  • It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent helping in reduction of inflammation in your body.
  • Cannabinol can also be useful in promoting the healing of bone cells and recovering of bones.
  • CBN has been found to reduce a type of a Lung tumour called the Lewis lung carcinoma. It also creates an impact on the cells that cause cancer growth.