Products to Assist in Preventing Disease

Nutraceuticals is a broad term that is often used to describe products derived from food sources with additional health benefits beyond the basic nutritional value found in foods. They can also be considered non-specific biological therapies which are used to promote general well-being and help support natural biological processes in the control of diseases.

Unlike pharmaceutical products, nutraceutical products are most commonly used to help prevent disease, as opposed to the treatment of a disease. They do not always require a prescription, can often be sold over-the-counter and require a less onerous data pack when seeking approval to be sold to patients. The advantage of a nutraceutical is typically a much more desirable safety margin, with less side effects associated with this class of therapeutic products.

CannPal is researching a number of potential therepeutic nutraceuticals and dietary supplements using plant compounds such as those found in the hemp plant. These compounds can include terpenes, phytosterols, flavonoids, vitamins and other plant-derived active ingredients.