Whitleblower Policy
CannPal Animal Therapeutics Limited (ACN 612 791 518) (Company) is committed to conducting all of its business activities fairly, honestly with integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Its board of directors (Board), management and employees are dedicated to high ethical standards and recognise and support the Company’s commitment to compliance with these standards.

The Company has adopted this Whistleblower Policy to:
(a) encourage and support people to feel confident to speak up safely and securely if they become aware of wrong-doing or illegal or improper conduct within the Company;
(b) provide information and guidance on how to report such conduct, how reports will be handled and investigated in a timely manner and the support and protections available if a report is made;
(c) set out the responsibilities of the Company and its management in upholding the Company’s commitment to reporting any illegal, unethical or improper conduct; and
(d) promote ethical behaviour and a culture of speaking up to deter wrong-doing.

This Whistleblower Policy is in compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – 4th Edition as well as industry standards and the Company’s legal and regulatory obligations.

View the Whistleblower Policy here

Direct reports can be made to CannPals Whistleblower Investigating Officer, Baden Bowen, by email on baden@cannpal.com

The Company also appreciates that speaking up can be difficult. Reports can also be made anonymously or using a pseudonym and still be protected. A Discloser can refuse to answer questions that could reveal their identity.  While reports can be made anonymously, it may affect the ability to investigate the matter properly and to communicate with the Discloser about the report.  Anonymous Disclosers should therefore attempt to maintain two-way communication as far as possible.

Anonymous reports can also be made by sending an email using a temporary or disposable email address to speakup@cannpal.com