Mara Gordon

Medical Cannabis Adviser

  • Founder of Zelda Therapeutics, Aunt Zelda’s and Calla Spring Wellness
  • Specialises in the development of treatment protocols utilising Bio Pharmaceutical grade cannabis extracts for seriously ill patients

Dr Ted Whittem

Commercial Veterinary Adviser

  • Former Head of School at the Melbourne Veterinary School;
  • Former Chairman of the Examination Committee of the American College of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology;
  • 7 years as the head of R&D with Jurox Animal Health, brining over 30 products to market.

Dr Rayson Tan

Chief Scientific Officer

  • Experienced veterinary consultant with a PhD in veterinary oncology, BVSc in veterinary medicine and surgery and BSc in veterinary research;
  • Currently serves as the regulatory and ethics executive for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and is exceptionally proficient in biomedical and veterinary science.

Amanda Reiman

Cannabis Regulatory Adviser

  • Former Manager of Marijuana Law and Policy at the Drug Policy Alliance, California
  • Worked to develop the DPA’s marijuana reform work relating to litigation, legislative drafting, campaign strategy and policy advocacy in state, federal and international jurisdictions